PPA Innovation

Biography and Master Work:
Mr.Puttipan Ponyanun, Managing Director


Education History:
American Language Program, California State University, Fullerton, USA, 2002
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer), Second Class Honor -Silver medal, Kasetsart University, Year 2001
High School Education at Triamudom Suksa School, Year 1997
Secondary Education at Demonstration School of Surat Thani Rajabhat University, Year 1994

Work Experience:
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of PPA Innovation Co., Ltd., Year 2003 - Present
President of PPA- Independent Software Development Team, Year 2001-2003
Researcher at The faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Year 2001
Administrator and Developer of the Well-known Website (use to be ranked in Top 5 of Thailand), www.PPApager.com, Year 1997-2001

Interest and Present Projects:
Human-Like Feeling System for Electronic Equipment and Machine
Human Language Understanding System
Language Translation System
Thai Voice Synthesis System
Science and Technology
Business – Administration and Marketing

Research Scholarship Receiving Profile:

Received from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn the Research Scholarship for PPA-Magic Eyes Project, Thai Voice Synthesis System and Software, to make blind people can use computer commonly like normal people, Year 2004

Supporting Scholarship for Thai Voice Synthesis System from Mr. Choosak Worrapitak, Managing Director of Advance Vision Co., Ltd., Year 2002

Continued Research Scholarship (for several project like AI System of the Draught) for students in the Scientific Genius Development Project - for the juvenile, from the National Science and Technology Development Institute, Ministry of Science & Technology, Year 1999 till graduate Doctor’s Degree.

5 Scholarships for Software Research (Character Converting Software), from NECTEC, Year 1996-2000

Research and Innovation:

Year 2003 – PPA-Magic Eyes, The first Thai Screen Reading Software of Thailand which can help blind people to access learning society and work through the Information Technology same as normal people, by holding the copyright with TOT Corporation Public Co., Ltd., Ratchasuda Foundation, Thailand Association of the Blind, and PPA Innovation Co., Ltd., and has presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for giving to blind people all over the country.

Year 2001 – PPA Salika, The first Voice Synthesis System of Thailand which can support both Thai and English languages – by entitle PPA Innovation Co., Ltd. to sell this product.

Year 2001 – PPA Soundex, Thai Homophone Analysis System - by entitle PPA Innovation Co., Ltd. to sell this product.

Year 2001 – PPA Word Segment, Thai Word Segment System- by entitle PPA Innovation Co., Ltd. to sell this product.

Year 1999 – Artificial Intelligent System (AI) for Checkerboard Game i.e. Draught and Chess, by applying Memorize Algorithm to Game Theory

Year 1994 – 2000 – Other Researches and Innovations i.e. Thai OCR: Thai Character Reading System from Picture, Website which sent message to Pager, Bombman Game, Checkerboard Games, Online Games, Three-Dimension Games, PPA TU Code: Automatic Character Converting - Code Creating Program, 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Equation - Plotting Graph Program, Mathematic Teaching Assistant Program and PPA Seamsea - Fortunetelling Program.

Academic Publicity:

A Lecturer of PPA-Magic Eyes Program in a seminar topic “Applying Technology for blind people: Innovation for decrease a gap, and make a choice relating ICT for every group of people in the society, Year 2004 – Conducted by
Thai Language Computer Technology Development Fund for blind people, by TOT Corporation Public Co., Ltd., Ratchasuda Foundation and Thailand Association of the Blind.

Demonstrated PPA Salika, Thailand Science-Tech 2002-2004

Ponyanun, Puttipan, 2003, PPA Salika (Thai Text-to-Speech Synthesis System), Oral Presentation at The First International Symposium on Research-and-Development Innovation Design, Thailand

Demonstrated PPA Salika, Thailand Idea 2002, Conducted by “This is Thailand” TV Program

Ponyanun, Puttipan and Keretho, Somnuk, 2001, Analyzing for m-Most Popular Pronunciations of Thai Sentences with Dynamic Algorithm, Poster Presentation at The Fifth National Computer Science and Engineering Conference, Thailand

A Lecturer in the topic “The competition of International Academic Olympic” for Science Camps and Secondary schools, Year 1996-1997


Silver medal, International Olympiads in Informatics (Computer Olympic), South Africa, 1997

Bronze medal, International Olympiads in Informatics (Computer Olympic), Hungary, 1996

The Secondary Best, Thailand Innovation Award Project – First time, Year 2001, conducted by Science Association of Thailand - Under Royal Patronage, Department of Intellectual Property, Innovation Development Fund, Office of The Academic Cooperation of German in Thailand (GTZ), and Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd.

Award for the juvenile – 2nd Generation, Year 1999, conducted by National Science and Technology Development Institute, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Received from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn the National Excellent Juvenile in the branch of Math-Science-Computer and Technology, Year 1997

Three Awards of Excellent Student for Creativity and innovation, from Kasetsart University, Year 1997-2000

Champion of Programming Competition – General People Level, in the “To new decade – Thai IT Fair”, Year 1997, conducts by Siam Commercial Bank and NECTEC.

Three of the Secondary Best Award and one of Excellent Technical Award, from Small Software Project – Secondary School Level, for the Fiscal Year 1996-1999, by NECTEC.

Thai Juvenile Delegate for the competition of Computer Programming, conducted by South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC), Year 1995.

Devise innovation to develop Thai society and the world society.

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